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What is your advantage to working with professional motivational speakers from the American Speakers Bureau?

We have a devoted and loyal rapport with the best professional speakers and motivational speakers in the field. Our speakers bureau team of planners has a passion for educating our clients and planners with important details to make them efficient and successful. Our clients at the American Speakers Bureau trust us to consistently deliver what they want and need - we provide great results with professional public speakers of all types including motivational speakers, keynote speakers and others.

By carefully serving the planners and exceeding their expectations, our motivational speakers and professional speakers bureau has built a very loyal and faithful following of meeting professionals.

We invite you to join this elite group of meeting and event professionals from around the world. When you seek business experts, motivational speakers, professional speakers, keynote speakers, celebrity speakers, sports personalities and coaches, or just need advice on who is the up-and-coming "new" motivational speakers, professional speakers and other public speakers that will make your event the huge success you are hoping for. Let American Speakers Bureau be your resource for inspirational speakers, business experts, motivational speakers, professional speakers, celebrity speakers and public keynote speakers.

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From our families to yours: Thank You! We are grateful and consider ourselves lucky to work with such great clients, customers, vendors, suppliers, professional speakers, publishers, technology experts, drivers, pilots, A-V Experts, event planners, show producers, hospitality professionals, and joint-venture partners.

The Dedicated Team of Professionals at
American Speakers Bureau Corporation

Featured Speakers, Veterans Celebrities of The Week


Celebrity Keynote Speaker
Astronaut Rick Searfoss

2006 - 2009 and 2012 Speaker Of The Year Award Winner

Rick Searfoss is a very unique speaker! Rick tells a story how his last mission as Space Shuttle Commander was over 8 years in the planning, two years in daily training, and 16 days of perfect execution.

On the last day of the mission (STS-90) Rick had to land the Space Shuttle Columbia, (Value $500,000,000 - that's half a billion) with the heaviest payload in the history of NASA, at night, while the whole world was watching!

Since retiring from NASA and the Air Force, Rick Searfoss has become involved in several high-level business ventures and sits on the boards for some very prestigious companies.

Click here to watch the
Rick Searfoss video

Frank Candy

Celebrity Keynote Speaker
Frank Candy

As the a Author of 18 books and success guides, Frank Candy is an expert at running successful businesses. He has been invited to address many of the worlds best companies at their annual meetings and conventions for over 20 years.

Frank Candy is a gold medal winner who applies the same principles of winning in sports to business - focus, excellence, preparation, determination, and the never give up attitude of a winner. Focusing on these principles has made his programs receive rave reviews from clients all over the world.

In a readers choice survey for Corporate Meetings and Incentives Magazine, the readers selected Frank Candy, as one of their favourite professional speakers in America.

Click here to watch Frank Candy's video


The following list is a small selection of the Cities we provide our service to:

San Diego, California
Los Angeles, California
San Francisco, California
Portland, Oregon
Seattle, Washington
Las Vegas, Nevada
Dallas, Texas
Houston, Texas
Austin, Texas
Washington D.C.
Chicago, Illinois
Denver, Colorado
Aspen, Colorado
Cleveland, Ohio
Winter Park, Florida
Central Florida

Akron, Ohio
Columbus, Ohio
Dayton, Ohio
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
New York, New York
Miami, Florida
Tampa, Florida
Orlando, Florida
Daytona Beach, Florida
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Key West, Florida
Jacksonville, Florida
Phoenix, Arizona
Tempe, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona
Salt Lake City, Utah
Minneapolis, Minnesota
New Orleans, Louisiana
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Atlanta, Georgia
Charlotte, North Carolina
Richmond, Virginia
Greensboro, North Carolina
Boston, Massachusetts
Honolulu, Hawaii
Kauai, Hawaii
Maui, Hawaii

We also provide our service to the following Countries:

United States of America
South America
United Kingdom


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