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Don Yaeger is an incredible motivational speaker and sports journalist that will inspire your company or organization to reach beyond its limitations to achieve success!

Few journalists can lay claim to as exciting and colorful career as Don Yaeger. In the two decades since Don Yaeger accepted his first newspaper job in Texas, the breadth and variety of his assignments has been astounding. He has traveled the world in pursuit of stories as different as:

Walking into Afghanistan with the mujahadeen as they fought the Soviets

Going into Baghdad with the victorious Iraqi soccer team as the battle between insurgents and the US Military waged around them

Visiting China in pursuit of underworld characters counterfeiting American golf clubs

Heading to Damascus to find the last living terrorist from the 1972 Olympics

Living with football legend Walter Payton and his family as Payton courageously battled cancer.

Traveling Europe and the Middle East interviewing Iraqi athletes tortured by Saddam Hussein's son, Uday, chairman of the Iraqi Olympic Committee

Hitting the campaign trail with candidates from both parties during the 1988 Presidential campaign

Traveled to the back alleys of Amsterdam to interview a chemist making undectable steroids for athletes - before Barry Bonds made such chemists famous

Born and raised in Hawaii, Yaeger has traveled extensively. The Dominican Republic, Honduras, Japan and Great Britain can be counted among the countries in which he has resided.




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