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Background : Emory Austin, Cancer Survivor and Motivational Speaker, and inspirational speakers, shares her fascinating story of Surviving Cancer and Loving Life!

Emory Austin has been there, understands your struggles, and has a strong heart and mind connection with those whose lives are affected by Cancer. In her case, it was Breast Cancer; in her husband's situation it was Leukemia. But - there is always a 'but.' And - always look for the 'and.' N
othing exists on its own! None of us do, either.

Purpose : The frightening diagnosis of Cancer is a nightmare. Interestingly and ironically, cancer can also be a great teacher and motivator. Emory Austin can help your participants move into embracing more of who they are and were created to be by paying attention to what this unwelcome diagnosis might reveal as far as life balance and meaning are concerned. Part of Cancer Survival is a feisty, questioning mind and an upbeat use of creativity in the ways we can choose to deal with a Healthcare diagnosis that is both unexpected and scary. Emory Austin's 20-year history of being a Breast Cancer survivor has brought renewed purpose, balance, and priorities to her life and the lives of many others.

Designed for : Cancer patients, Survivors, loved ones of patients and survivors, Trade Shows, Medical and Healthcare professionals and their personnel.

Topics and Points covered - choose from these and ask for others depending on your program's time frame:

*In Emory's motivational speeches, she shares with her audiences about the many options they - and you - have when the goal is surviving cancer. There are more choices than you may realize!

*What might lie ahead for your life with regard to finding joy, purpose and balancing priorities?

*It's important to Thrive after Cancer, not simply to Survive! What are some approaches?

*You whose mission is Healthcare face countless challenges. What is your vision in helping others who are dealing with Cancer?

*You who face Cancer personally have many other concerns. What are your best coping skills?

*How are relationships affected by the diagnosis of cancer? What can you do to enhance them?

*What are some ways to partner with the healthcare professionals who want to help you survive?

Special Features : Whatever your healthcare dilemmas and concerns may be, allow them to give you renewed impetus for your future, your dreams, your successes and your relationships. Cancer challenges contain unusual possibilities for growth, purpose, and leadership - as well as survival.

Results : Because of National Hall of Fame speaker Emory Austin's knowledgeable focus on your Surviving Cancer and Loving Life possibilities, your organization, Corporation, Association, or other group will gain a strong message that is realistic and practical. Whether the hurdles you are facing are personal, physical, and/or professional, your best times and greatest victories may well lie ahead of you! Emory Austin will share with you how to soar with your strengths and learn how even unchosen circumstances can become springboards.

Emory Austin is a Hall of Fame award winning speaker as well as a Cancer Survivor. In Keynotes, Seminars, Retreats and other Programs, Emory Austin has a strong message for every group. She is a great example of Surviving Cancer and Loving Life. And. . . Emory Austin is warm, humorous, and dynamic and great at connecting with everyone. She has written many articles and been interviewed about her experiences as a cancer survivor.

Emory Austin

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