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Why should I choose American Speakers Bureau as my speaker and trainer source?

Here is the top ten list of reasons why executives from publicly held corporations, privately owned corporations, human resource directors, meeting planners, event planners, show producers, executives from NASA, the media, publishing, e-businesses, Public Relations firms, advertising agencies, high tech and low tech companies, trade organizations, associations and non-profit groups contact American Speakers Bureau for booking great speakers and trainers.

10. You pay the same price you would pay if you booked the speaker directly.

9. You can rely on getting current information.

8. You will be offered suggestions to improve and maximize your event.

7. You will be presented with only qualified people who really fit your criteria, not just something that sounds good.

6. You will be working with industry experts who will not waste your time.

5. You can rely on fast turn around and a responsive team of professionals who have years of experience in the meeting and training industry.

4. You will have access to our people for conference calls.

3. You have peace of mind with us, weve been in business since 1989 and we know what we're doing.

2. You will be confident and sleep better knowing you are teamed up with professionals who have the resources and experience to make you successful.

1. We will make you look like a hero and a genius. Thats our job!

Where do I begin? Right here. Keep reading and call us anytime if you have questions and would like to speak with a real human being! 407-826-4248

More FAQs

Will I be able to communicate directly with the speaker prior to my event? Of course you will. Once we have finalized the decision, signed a contract, and completed our pre-program questionnaire, we will pass the information along to the speaker and set up a convenient time for a phone call or series of calls with your key people.

Can I get a copy of the pre-program questionnaire? Sure, just contact us by e-mail, fax or phone and well send you one.

Ive never booked a speaker before. What if I dont know what kind of speaker I want? This happens often and we do this all the time, just give us a call and be prepared to answer the following questions.

City, State Country: Location: (hotel/training center/your facility or ours?)
What kind of meeting: (convention, symposium/trade show/annual event/party/banquet)
How many training slots will you want to fill? (HINT - often times the same speaker can deliver a keynote address and a seminar/workshop for your group. You will save money on travel and expenses.)
Number of people in the group/audience:
Demographics: (age/sex/career level/other)
Preferred topics: (sales/customer service/time management etc.)
The specific goals and objectives for the meeting: (be as specific as possible)
Budget for speaker, trainer, program and if it includes travel and expenses

How much do speakers cost? About $2,500 and up for professional speakers, celebrities fees start at about $7,500 and go up to over $100,000.

Is there a charge to do business with American Speakers Bureau? Not when you book speakers. You pay the same as if you were to book the speakers direct. The speaker pays us a commission from their fee. We have other services we offer from meeting planning, publishing and consulting. For each of those services, we bid on an individual basis.

Does it cost more for a longer presentation? Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesnt. You can often find fees broken out by the type of program:Keynote speech, seminar, workshop, etc. plus for the length of program.

Once I choose a speaker, whats next? How does the process work? We send a contract, and our pre-program questionnaire. A deposit is normally made at the time of signing. Once we receive the contract and deposit from you, we follow up with:

1.An initial planning interview
2. Background development
3.Detailed development

We will pass the information along to the speaker and set up a convenient time for a phone call or series of calls with your key people.

How will American Speakers Bureau support me once the choice has been made? We make sure plans and time lines are finalized and the objectives and goals are met on time.

Will the speaker sign books and give autographs or be available for a VIP photo session? In most cases they are very happy to do that for the client. In some cases such as professional athletes, they reserve the right to autographs by limiting them. This is discussed and put in writing in advance for us.

What is your recovery plan in the event of a problem? Ah the dreaded MF Meeting Failure based on the problem we have solutions. Its interesting to us that our phone does ring (more often than you might imagine) with problems from event planners that booked a speaker directly and the speaker had to cancel at the last minute. Bummer. They are franticly hoping to find a speaker, somebody or anybody good to fill in. Since we have a large database and we know the really good speakers around the country and we are very resourceful. We have been successful 100% of the time filling the slot at the last minute. As far as other problems natural disasters, fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, travel delays, missed connections, just to name a few, weve dealt with over the years. Just when I think I can say, weve seen it all a new situation pops up and I read about how that was fixed. You can resolve anything if you are flexible enough.

Do I have to arrange travel for the speaker? In most cases professional speakers prefer to handle their own arrangements. Well let you know and proceed with whats best for everybody.

Can you help me secure books and products written by a speaker? In most cases we have them in our files or we can have the speaker ship them to you directly.

Can presentations be audio or video taped? In most cases it can be arranged for you if done in advance. Based on the desired use and outcome of the tape, sometimes there are copyrights, royalties, time limits and other issues that need to be discussed and agreed upon in writing.

Are preview cd or dvd's available? Most of the time we have them in stock we can send you. plus we are always updating them on the web.

Have more questions? We would like to hear about them. How about giving us a call?


Frank Candy
Founder and President

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