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keynote speaker frank candy motivational speaker professional speaker business speaker sales speaker customer servicebusiness speaker frank candy motivational speaker professional speaker keynote speaker sales speaker customer service
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Innovative Customer Service
(We will customize a title to fit your event)

Suggested titles -
Customer Service the way it should be!
Creating the Ultimate Customer Experience
Make your Customers Successful
Service Equals Success
Retail Service for Success
High Tech Customer Service
Customer Service and Teamwork
Go The Extra Mile With Great Service

Background: This program has been research, updated and delivered over 1,100 times for 65 different industries in 14 countries since 1979.

It delivers solid facts you must know for success in the future. In today's rapidly changing markets there are many choices. We are overwhelmed with information and intense competition. Traditional sales and account management skills are no longer adequate to meet the fast-paced and complex challenges of the future.

This program offers practical customer service solutions you can use right away!

Designed for: Business owners, franchise owners, business executives, sales managers, account managers and customer service representatives.

Purpose: This customized, hands-on, interactive, fast-paced program gives you the tools to be a successful communicator, listener, and professional problem solver.

The Golden Rule of Customer Service:

The customer is king. Long live the king and those who serve him. Frank Candy

Topics covered : ( From this menu of topics, select the ones that best fit your objectives.)

The Strategies to make your customer successful.

The customer's desire for a compelling experience, and how some organization's do customer service so well.

The customers' search for reciprocal loyalty, and how to create a culture that encourages it.

The disconnect between a customer's personal focus to the organization's product focus.

As Frank details in this presentation, the organizations and professionals who can cover these expanding gaps can create the kinds of relationships and experiences for customers that develop intense loyalty and enhanced profitability.

Here are more topics that could be included:

*Increase profit - get new customers and keep them happy

*Make your customers Successful - understand the difference between customer service, customer satisfaction and customer success

*Increase profit - learn valuable strategies to maximize each transaction through great service

*Solve problems quickly - learn how to listen effectively

*Be successful - create and build (and rebuild) your image

*Make your business work better - be prepared, be informed, go the extra mile

*Dodge the pitfalls of business - survival tips for professionals

*Avoid burnout - balancing your day

*Establish a solid foundation - how to build your customer base

*Increase business growth rate - four proven methods for referrals

*Attract new customers - public relations tips that generate more business

*Make more money - motivating your customers by guaranteeing their success, thereby promoting their willingness to give you hot referrals

Special features : This program combines business savvy, cutting-edge communications, short and long-range planning strategies and common sense, all designed to increase profit . . . fast.

These programs define the new economy. It's about fresh ideas, creative strategies for success and how to compete in the future.

As a business speaker, Frank Candy utilizes customized programs to unlock the secrets of great innovation, mastering creativity, marketing, increased sales and world-class customer service. Frank explains what to do and how to do it. With over 20 years of experience in getting real results where they count… on the bottom line. This successful CEO keeps audiences on the edge of their seats as they earn the principles and secrets of innovation, creativity, success, happiness and achievement.

As the innovation expert, Frank Candy is available for: professional motivational speaker events and media interviews. Frank Candy produces customized keynote, seminars and programs, delivering what you want and need - real-world ideas that produce great results!

Frank Candy is an expert at innovation, a master of creativity, motivational speaker, professional keynote speaker specializing in business, sales and customer service. Increase your business sales and improve customer relationship with Frank Candy, motivational speaker.

Frank Candy's keynote speech to our executives, managers and franchise owners exceeded all our expectations. As our keynote speaker, Frank Candy set the perfect tone, and as our motivational speaker, what he delivered was right on target, with style and class. As a professional speaker, Frank Candy got right to the core of the enterprise development issues and included customized research, information and analysis, plus his valuable wisdom we could all use. The audience told me they took a ton of notes, and want him back soon. Mr. Eldridge, Exec. Dir.

In a 'reader's choice' survey for Corporate Meetings and Incentives Magazine, the readers of CM&I selected Frank Candy, MBA, CPC as one of their favorite professional speakers in America. Frank Candy is an expert at giving audiences what they came for: ideas and answers to improve the bottom line.

"Frank Candy does not tell people how to think. Frank Candy gives his audiences questions that inspires them to think strategically and way outside of the box about big picture solutions." Wall Street Journal

Your talk on the Carnival Cruise Ship, SS Ecstasy was great. You did it just the way we wanted it. When you made the point about looking past first impressions and looking for the good in everyone and having the right attitude... it was the prefect way to tie it all together. The entire group loved your show. Thanks so much. Gary Tharaldson. - Fargo, N. D.
Tharaldson Enterprises

Thank you again for working with us on the MPI meeting. You did a great job! I heard lots of great feedback. - - - Here is some of it - It was great to have a tangible take away for the program. Very good speaker. Picked up some information that I didn't know which made it more worthwhile I would have loved to have a longer session with our speaker, Frank Candy. I think the content and entertainment level was great. Frank Candy was wonderful! Not only was he informative of the negotiations on contracts as a process, he was an outstanding motivational speaker. I loved it!
Tara Liaschenko, CEO
The Link Event Professionals, Inc.
St. Petersburg, Florida




Client list includes:
Tharaldson Enterprises
is the largest developer of
new hotels and motels in
the U.S. Today
Stouffer's Hotels
And Resorts
Data Niche Associates
Florida Gift & Fruit Shippers Association


Jamaica Employers Federation

CNT Computer
Network Technology Corporation
Contractors Insurance Group
and many more

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