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Scott McKain powerful business thinker, inspirational. Scott McKain is a powerful business thinker whomotivates audiences with his inspirational stories.

Powerful Business Thinker Scott McKain is Vice Chairman of Obsidian Enterprises, a dynamic holding company with interests in widely varied businesses: from a finance company to butyl rubber reclamation, from manufacturing trailers to leasing celebrity coaches, from cosmetic surgery to publishing magazines. His original and uniquely perceptive insights into business not only currently provide the basis for his books and platform content, but also assisted in forming the foundation of a company that has grown from a small investment to $100 million in annual sales in a very short period.

He is also the Co-founder and Principal of The Value Added Institute, a think-tank that explores the role of the customer experience in creating lifelong client loyalty. The work of the VAI has been featured in many national publications, particularly in the financial services industry.

Literally thousands of organizations, readers and audience members have improved their profitability and enhanced their business from Scott McKain's concepts.

Best Selling Author Capturing the ideas that helped form one of America's "fastest growing companies" (according to a nationally respected business publication), Scott McKain has authored two bestselling business books. The first, "ALL Business is Show Business" from Nelson Business reached the #1 spot on’s list of business bestsellers and has been released in several languages worldwide.

Scott’s most recent book, "What Customers REALLY Want," has been his personal best selling work and has received rave reviews and top rankings on several well-regarded charts. Its groundbreaking look at the “Six Major Disconnections between Customers and Organizations” has made a significant impact in the manner in which the companies that use Scott’s strategies and insights approach their customer and prospect base. Because of its success, the paperback was released in October 2006, and will continue to be read by thousands.

A Platform Original Scott McKain’s calling is business – but his passion is the platform. His unique presentations clearly demonstrate he brings something to the platform that isn’t often found in business speakers: personal experience in building and leading companies and dealing with customers and employees.

Many audiences have grown tired of “book reports” – unoriginal material presented by speakers who have little or no practical expertise. Scott has both innovative theories and conceptual framework – as evidenced by his two bestselling business books – and the “in the trenches” viewpoints on execution that can only be found in someone who has been there. And, Scott’s warm, engaging and revealing personal speaking style ensures that audiences will respond and remember.

Creating Compelling Experiences The goal of Scott McKain mirrors a point he encourage in the organizations with which he works: The purpose of his business is to create compelling experiences. Whether you are an organization seeking a platform presentation, an executive searching for insightful consulting solutions for your company, an audience member from one of Scott’s many programs, or someone seeking more information regarding what customers REALLY want, his commitment to you is that he seeks to create a compelling experience that will transcend transaction and build an experience you will desire to repeat.


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business speaker corporate speaker leadership speaker motivational speaker corporate consulting
business speaker motivational speaker corporate consulting
business speaker motivational speaker professional speaker keynote speaker sales speaker customer service