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Travel Requirements:

Expenses: We bill the client only for the least expensive, unrestricted round-trip business class airfare, in the USA. Excluding Alaska and Hawaii.

International travel requires business-class airfare. Plus all ground transportation, and meals. Hotels rooms and any lodging should be made for a non-smoking room, guaranteed for late arrival and billed directly to the group's master account.
Auto mileage is calculated at the prevailing IRS allowance.

Ask about a flat-rate, expenses-included option. To keep your costs low as possible, airfare expenses are pro-rated if your event is on the same travel itinerary as other meetings at which Tim Piccirillo is scheduled.  
Audio Visual Requirements:

  1. Wireless lavaliere microphone (groups over 40). If it's a seminar or workshop, an extra, wireless hand held microphone may be required. Each program is different, so please check with us.

  2. Audio into your sound system. (If you do not have an AV control center and AV technical in the back of the room, please have a MP3 and CD Player, or iPod or iPad imput that feeds into your sound system placed on a small table near the stage.

  3. For facilities that have an AV control center and technician, we will provide a "play list" for the technician to follow.

  4. When possible, set up room theatre-style, or with tables, (This may be called chevron or wings for the hotel set up people.) with stage against the long wall. If change is necessary and insufficient time is available, your room arrangement will be fine.

    Click here to see room layout options.

  5. STAGING: Most of the time, Tim will require a stage at lease 20 feet long and 12 feet deep. On the stage there should be one table, six feet in length with a skirt. On this table Frank will want to place his computer and material. The A-V Department should have the cables for the computer in place prior to the event for rehearsals.

  6. PRE-EVENT ACCESS: Tim will need the room and time to set up his equipment before to the event. One hour is desirable and more is better. If there are problems like technical compatibility we need time to make it work.

  7. Frank would like to do a walk through and sound checks as soon as he arrives to confirm everything works, and discuss any issues.

    Hint - Up to 100 people a one-foot stage, up to 200 people a two-foot stage, for over 500 and special stage design and room layout should be discussed.

  8. A small draped table for water and miscellaneous items on the end of stage right.

  9. Stage flooded with light. (When screens are used, we recommend the screens be off to the side of stage for your conferences best technical results and atmosphere.)

  10. If your stage arrangement is basic, two "hotel" artificial plants on the two back corners of the stage add a nice touch to the set.

  11. House lights on 100%

  12. RECORDING? No audio or video recording allowed of the Power Point slides; not even for archive purposes. (Licensed clips are for Frank's LIVE use only.)

    EXCEPTION: If you want to record Tim only, please contact us for permission and pricing.

Tim_Piccirillo Motivational Speaker Travel Show Details

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