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Tim Piccirillo Programs

The Magic of Your Potential

In this fast-paced and lively presentation, Tim shows participants that they have the potential to do, have and, most importantly, BE more in their lives. Utilizing magic, humor and personal example, Tim will also prove that it's not what happens to you in life that matters, it's what you do about what happens to you that will determine your success. By sharing his own story of growing up with a severe disability Tim will prove that virtually anything is possible in this life. He will also show audience members that EVERYONE has potential-no matter what challenges they may face. A truly uplifting presentation, attendees will walk away with a new perception of "what can be" in their lives! Tim guarantees his presentation will be motivating, inspiring and just plain FUN!

Stress-Busting for the Millennium

How to REDUCE, Not Just Manage the Stress in Your Life"- In this intensive hands-on program Tim shows participants methods and techniques to cope with the negative stress in their personal and professional lives. He takes a 3-pronged approach to reduce negative stress by teaching:

- How to modify your environment
- How to change your perception of stressful situations and events
- 4 "mental traps" and how to conquer them
- How to use humor as a stress-reduction tool
- 8 specific techniques to relax the body and quiet the mind.

Tim promises that this session will be relaxing, informative and just plain FUN!

Leadership is a Choice

In this high-energy presentation Tim uses the stories of well-known people as well as his own experience to disprove the myth of "the born leader". Tim believes that leadership is truly a choice and that the main requirement for being a leader is the desire to lead. Inherent in this desire are motivation, persistence and a willingness to take responsibility--no matter what the outcome. This session is energizing, inspiring and will get attendees to think about the possibilities for leadership in their own careers.

Please contact American Speakers Bureau directly, for this information. Thank You!

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