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Chris Blackmore - Travel/Show Details

Travel Requirements:
Round Trip Airfare:† Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, a round trip airfare is to be purchased by the client. Performer does not invoice for airfare travel. Travel originates Orange County, CA (SNA). The originating city may differ depending on current touring schedule. Normal procedure is for me to check flight availability and forward the information to client for ticket purchase. eTickets is an accepted method. Performer makes every effort to find the most reasonable fare. Since you actually purchase the ticket (and rack up credit card perks!) legal information will be provided.

2. Ground Travel
Client will pay for travel from the airport to the hotel and/or event location. Renting a car or taking a taxi is the usual routine. I will send you an invoice for expenses incurred. If you want to use a transportation service or send a town car, that's good too.

3. Hotel Accommodations
A single non-smoking hotel room in a business hotel, billed directly to the client. Meals included. The hotel rooms should be at the hotel where the performance will take place, or within reasonable distance of the performance venue. The room should be as close as possible to the event room, insuring easy access for props, forgotten items, and attention to last minute details.

4. Meals
a) I just charge reasonable meals to the hotel room. This requires letting the hotel know to put incidentals on the charge card for the room.

b) You can provide a $75 per day per diem.

Audio Visual Requirements:

OK, this is what its all about. Laughter, Amazement and a Great Show!†
The following items are necessary to ensure a successful event...

1. Stage
Stage must be contiguous to audience,

Most Important Note: If you are going to have dancing, please do not put the dance floor in front of the stage. Performers call it the 'Dance Floor of Death' A performance is built upon a relationship between the entertainer and the audience. The dance floor in front of the stage creates a chasm that is hard to overcome. The closer the audience is to the performer, the better. In fact, put those tables as close to the stage as you can.
A stage at least two feet in height, 12 feet in depth and 20 feet wide. These dimensions can fluctuate by a foot or two. The height must remain a minimum of 2 feet.† This is the minimum requirements for rooms that do not have a built in stage. Here's the deal¶ You know that tall guy, with the big head and full hair? Yeah, him. He will most likely sit in front of you, and no matter which way you lean, so will he. That's why it is best to have an elevated stage.
Any variance of stage setup must be approved by ARTIST.

2. Sound
a) A wireless, hand held microphone on a single pole stand. Tell this to the technician (also known as the A / V Tech, Sound Tech, or Stage Manager) and he/she will probably say "OK, that's easy enough. If they don't say that, we are in for an exciting night ( i.e. uh oh)

b)† An adequate sound system for vocals/speaking and for music. A separate sound system (different from the one built into the room, usually in the ceiling, designed for Muzak) will provide the best results. Technician operated CD player. I will need an input for my Mini Disc player, which I operate by remote control. This can be an XLR, RCA, 1/4 inch or 1/8th inch input. I carry the adapters, and the technician should once again say 'no problem'.†

c) Notes: If there is a podium on the stage before the show...
  1) Please remove it before the show begins
  2) If we are sharing the podium microphone (see above) please make sure it is removed from the podium and placed on the microphone stand.

3. Lights
a) Sufficient stage lighting, separate from the in-house ballroom lighting. A 'general wash' on the stage will be sufficient. The ambient (audience) lighting in the room needs to be dimmed to approximately 20%.† A spotlight with operator is preferred to really accentuate the performer,
Bottom line on lights...If people have to strain to see the performance, it's not good. The human eye is naturally attracted to the brightest light. If that bright light is anywhere but the stage, that's where they are going to look.

4.† Audience

Audience must be seated and focused, no food or beverage service during ARTIST'S performance.† Really over. Finished. Yes, this means dessert too... Take this test... Eat your meal, have a conversation with your table neighbor, use your knife and fork...O.K., now try to applaud and laugh. Impossible, (without spitting food, which in some cultures is a compliment to the chef). Dinner is a wonderful event, separate from the entertainment portion of the evening.

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