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Chris Blackmore - Testimonials/Client List

I just wanted to send you a note regarding our meeting we had in San Diego with one of our top distributors Physicians Sales and Services. I never enjoyed magic more then the presentation you gave. The way you incorporate your act into three individual Johnson and Johnson product lines we had represented there was truly incredible. I was not looking forward to sitting through thirteen individual sessions hearing the same product presentations over and over again. You made the sessions so bearable with your magic act as well as your humor. I found each session to be more enjoyable than the last. I do hope that when we have the distributor meeting next year we can have you come and entertain us again. You truly have a unique profession and are good at what you do. What a joy it must be making people laugh. I know I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. It has been a pleasure working with you and I hope that your year goes well. If I can ever be a reference to what an incredible job you do with your act please call me." Maggie Roche Johnson & Johnson / Ortho Clinical Diagnostics

"On behalf of our holiday party committee as well as the 180+ employees who attended the party on December 10th, I want to thank you for recommending Chris Blackmore to us. He was a delight! He definitely did his homework. It was amazing how smoothly he worked jokes about our company, our history and our employees into his act. As he called each ‘volunteer’ up on stage and learned which department they were from, he would have a joke or two regarding that particular department. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed him; even the people who are normally quiet and staid were laughing hysterically, so that tells you something about what a huge hit he was. There is so much that goes into planning a successful corporate affair and so many things that could very easily go wrong. I never had to spend one second worrying about a joke with a double-meaning, an off-color remark or that one of my co-workers would be humiliated or embarrassed. I can’t tell you what a relief it is not to have to worry about things like that." Peggy Keim / Comcast Cable Inc

"A+ Chris Blackmore was phenomenal, his show was outstanding as was his personality… Thanks so much, The Oracle Event last night was a huge success. Thanks to Chris Blackmore, I, along with all the others in attendance where absolutely pleased with the performance, I personally have not laughed that hard in a VERY LONG TIME…. Again, Thanks for everything…." Lucy Anne Eppolito Executive Assistant / Oracle Corporation

"I just wanted to thank you so much for doing such a WONDERFUL job entertaining our employees at our company Christmas party. Everyone had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They really enjoyed your comedy and were amazed by your magic. For days afterward, employees were teasing those you called on stage to assist you in your illusions. Again, thank you and it was a pleasure having you at our Christmas party". Kim Michaels HR Supervisor / Playtex Apparel

"I would like to thank you for your assistance with our gameday staff training in August. As you know, our task of training over 300 people in such a short amount of Time was a difficult one. Your services made that task easier and more enjoyable, especially for those being trained. The comedic methods you used to coach our staff were attention grabbing as well as entertaining". Jan Eberle Director of Guest Services & Event Management / Buffalo Bills

"Thank you once again for providing us with exceptional entertainment. Chris Blackmore did an incredible job entertaining our executives and manager at our recognition events. Each performance was clean, funny, and very audience oriented. Chris had everyone laughing so hard either they cried or their stomach ached from all the laughing. I have received many compliments on the entertainment. I know I don’t have to worry about the performer using vulgar language. A clean comedian puts the final touch in accomplishing the perfect event. Thank you again for the great source of entertainers, perfect for our corporate industry." Nancy Simmons Project Manager / Southern California Edison

"Well without sounding too trite, let me just say that your performance at the American Public Transit Association's Ad Wheel Awards Ceremony was truly magical. Your professionalism and amazing talent helped us put on the best awards ceremony ever. Chris, I was deluged with dozens of positive comments from members and fellow staff following the ceremony. Eveyone felt your participation turned an otherwise typical awards ceremony into something spectacular. Finally, I wanted to thank you again for your willingness to participate in Tuesday's late night rehearsal. I appreci ated the fact that you were willing to stay so late into the early morning hours just so things would go off without a hitch the following afternoon". Jack Gonzalez • Marketing and Sales Manager / APTA

"It gives me immense pleasure recommending Chris Blackmore, of Clean Comedians, as an entertainer. His knowledge of our company, personnel, and industry was phenomenal. He definitely did his homework. Chris did a wonderful job captivating the audience with jokes, comments and magic. He was very creative with his audience participation. He had some audience members giving him a "fun for his money" and he went right with the flow. Totally hilarious! Everyone had a wonderful time! We will be having him back for future events." Susan Whetstone Entertainment Chairman

"This year, ENGlobal Engineering, Inc.’s annual party featured Mr. Chris Blackmore as both our Master of Ceremonies and Entertainer. Chris came to the even prepared, excited and full of energy for a fun evening. The M.C. duties he provided kept the party agenda moving while injecting comic relief into the program. The evening’s entertainer involved his regular show that included inviting unexpected guest from the audience to the stage. Here, he ‘poked a little humor and fun’ but was at all times professional, clean and entertaining. Our annual event came off as the best yet primarily due to the presence of Chris Blackmore. Of all the entertainers we have used, he is one of my favorites and I would consider it a privilege having him back for future engagements. He kept the audience laughing and entertained while intriguing them with magic. Best yet, he provided the ‘Gift of Laughter’ that is truly needed in the world we all live in today. My thanks to Chris for making our event the best yet!" David W. Smith, P.E. President / ENGlobal Engineering, Inc.

"Many thanks for you performance at KCET's Anniver-zoo-ry Party. Your professional skills and sensitivity to the audience really pulled together our Mister Rogers' Neighborhood Show. After viewing the videotape of your succesful adult act, we were impressed with your versatility in putting on such a wonderful show for children". Steven C. Woodard Manager of Special Events KCET/ PBS Television

"Ultimately, though, Chris Blackmore was our choice- and what a choice he was! “Awesome” is how Chris’ performance was described by our agency’s account managers who witnessed his at-show effectiveness, particularly in helping us launch new products." Pat Kunklier VP/PR Marketing / Dunlop

"Fantastic! Wonderful! Professional! Incredibly Funny! A perfect way to kick off our event! I could go on and on with my experiences with your company. Chris had our group in absolute stitches- his quick wit, evident research and professionalism made the night perfect and incredibly enjoyable for everyone in attendance. Our group tested his limits, but he was a stellar example of clean comedy!" Patti Moorhead Administrative Assistant / Kaiser Permanente

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