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Daniel Burrus - Travel/Show Details

Travel Requirements:

Transportation: One round trip first-class airfare.
Airfare will be prorated whenever possible.
Round trip ground transportation or car rental, if needed.

If you are arranging ground transportation, please contact us to schedule pickup time and location.

Auto mileage is calculated at the prevailing IRS allowance.

Hotel: One night for the evening prior to the program; preferably a king, non-smoking room.

We would appreciate if you would guarantee the reservation for late arrival. Please provide us with the hotel name, phone number and confirmation number.

Meals: If Mr. Burrus' travel does not permit his attendance at a group meal function, or one is not planned, meals will be included in expenses.

Audio Visual Requirements:

Wireless lavaliere microphone

Large screen and video projector
Cable for connection from laptop to video projector.

·Mr. Burrus' computer has a standard 15-pin video out connector with adjustable resolution.

Ability to generate sound from laptop.

A small table, preferably waist high, next to the lectern to set laptop on.

An outlet available near the table for power

The ability to adjust the lights for Introduction.

A printed introduction will also be provided.

Handouts: Handouts will be shipped to the program site for distribution, or you may have your attendees access the handout information online.

Recording: Please inform us if you wish to audio tape, video tape, broadcast or transmit the presentation. This will require prior written authorization from American Speakers Bureau and Daniel Burrus.

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