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Ed Gibson - Programs

The Heart of Leadership

When John F. Kennedy declared, "I believe we should go to the moon before this decade is out," thousands of American workers attacked this seemingly insurmountable task.

As was true when President Kennedy issued this challenge, current managers have acceptable levels of administrative ability but the qualities that distinguish true leaders are much less common.

Ed weaves absorbing accounts of space flight with identification of leadership qualities of early pioneers who set the stage and spearhead rocketry development, JFK who inspired a nation, an astronaut manager who demanded an altruistic mission focus and dynamic heroes who impelled success from mission control.

He shows how these leaders, driven by vision and courage, earned respect and trust yet tempered their drives with an empathy, that added a human touch to their greatness.

The Adventure of Spaceflight

Just as explorers, and later settlers, sailed the seas and spread across our continent, humans now leave our planet and venture into space. From liftoff and space walks to re-entry into Earth's atmosphere, Ed's audiences become entranced by a world that only a handful of humans have experienced.

Gliding over Earth at a serene five miles per second, living months without gravity, and watching Earth's features become as familiar as the face of an old friend were commonplace experiences during Ed's record-breaking, 35-million-mile space flight. With touches of humor, he puts the audience into the astronaut's mind and body to experience their sensations and emotions.

Now, as 14 nations complete another space station and the US strives to return to the moon, the recounting of his life in space and its medical challenges are not just fascinating but are highly relevant.

Space Flight and Management

It Doesn't Take a Rocket Scientist to be a Great Leader
Humankind's most ambitious and exciting venture - human flight to the moon - succeeded beyond all expectations. Adherence to the basic principles of good management guided by great leaders and common sense led the way.

As Ed describes the triumphs of America's lunar program, he identifies seven basic principles of good management that led to success - principles that apply to any endeavor, public, private, or non-profit. Drawing on his spaceflight experiences, Ed illustrates the ability to initiate action, focus on the mission, organize lean, competent teams, motivate and properly support staff, and, lastly, step aside.

The presentation is enriched by Ed's ability to put the listener into the spacecraft and experience flight. Through humor and insight into America's opportunities in space, he demonstrates how sound management can return the US to the moon and the average manager can become a great manager and leader.

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