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Jim Pancero - Testimonials/Client List

"When LodgeWorks first started using Jim's selling philosophy and training it was amazing how well it worked for our sales teams. It was a simple and effective way of reaching out and touching the needs that all of our clients have and at the same time differentiating ourselves from our competition. Internally, we have discovered that by using Jim's "4 Core Values" as a part of our everyday dialogue it has become such a natural part of the sales process. It is not only reinforced on sales calls but on our weekly team calls. It is fantastic to share success stories when you are all speaking the same language. LodgeWorks

Hi Jim! It was great to have the opportunity to talk to you several times during the last ISSA Convention and attend some of your seminars. Over the years I have found your material to be valuable. By attending your seminars and using your tapes and books over the years, I have found that the basic concepts are still effective when applied in today's rapidly changing selling environment. Perhaps the most lasting impact of your training upon my career was your 2 day sales management training seminar I attended years ago. True to your supposition, it has been the only in-depth sales management training I have ever received! Two ideas from that seminar have been the basis of my sales management since: 1. Some of the best fiction has been written in call reports. Therefore, you proposed that weekly meetings with sales staff should be focused on what is the PLAN for the future, day, week, etc. and a Q&A about the last plan we discussed. The theory is that if there is a PLAN, it is more apt to be worked! 2. Bring quality training to the sales team on a continuous basis, even as a small company. Your idea was to use cassette recordings of training programs. You said to buy a set of tapes for each sales rep so that everyone was listening to the same cassette several times during the week while working. Then at our weekly meeting we discussed the tape and it's application to our work using the workbook as a catalyst for conversation. It worked tremendously! I am in the process of rebuilding our sales staff and look forward to using this process again! Thanks for all you do in your work with ISSA to raise the level of professionalism in our industry! Keep up the GREAT work! Beacon Distributors, Inc., Lincoln R.I.

Dear Jim, I want to thank you again for the training day we enjoyed last week. I think the feedback and buy in from the sales team is beyond what I had hoped for. It will be up to my street managers to continue to coach/train/encourage/hold accountable to the "new system" of selling here at Southeastern Paper Group. I'm really excited about the future course we have charted. Thanks for all you have done so far. The program has been outstanding! Southeastern Paper Group, Spartanburg, S.C.

"I can't thank you enough for adding a unique and applicable dimension to our corporate sales meeting this week. I have now gotten input from every division and it is unanimous, Jim Pancero is a king! Everyone mentioned the amount of research you did on our company and industries before your presentation and how you put your sales tactics and strategies into applicable examples for us to understand. The overall take was that it was the best presentation we have ever had during a sales meeting. You opened many "windows" and they are anxious to put to work the "treasures" you left behind for them to work. So thank you for making our meetings successful. Thank you for customizing your presentation to make our investment worth every penny. And thank you for being so flexible with your talents to ensure you had materials and applications for everyone in the audience. You are truly the disseminator of the most advanced, leading edge business to business sales consulting available today. -Cliff Becker Group Publisher Food Systems Group Lenexa KS


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