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Captain Mike Penn Testimonials

Willis held its Managing Extremes in 2014 conference at the George W. Bush Institute in Dallas, Texas where Captain Mike was the keynote speaker.

The room was filled with 160 attendees ranging from C-level executives, including a small group of SMU students.

Captain Mike very warmly addressed the crowd, sharing his stories of teamwork, courage, hope, and faith. His delivery was so heart-felt and his story so inspiring, he kept the attention of every person in the room.

Captain Mike Penn shared stories of leadership and teamwork that were motivating.

His presentation and delivery were extremely engaging as he shared his life experiences and those of others who serve in the military.

Looking at Captain Mike, you would never think this incredible human being was once a prisoner of war. He is extremely humble, grateful and appreciative.

Captain Mike Penn is the kind of speaker any audience would welcome and appreciate. Thank you Captain Mike for your service and valuable message.
Rosalie Scanlon
Director, Global Events
Willis Group



Throughout the evening and still around the Air Station all day your talk was the most memorable part of a very good night.

Your talk brought a large slightly raucous crowd to silence, to real laughter, and also moved some folks to tears.

I am confident that the folks around my NAS will have a common understanding of what is not a bad day, and I hope to keep our focus on enthusiastic leadership from the heart.

I know you still make a huge impression on the folks at Southwest Airlines, and with talks like yours on Saturday, your circle of influence will reach around the world.

I look forward to the honour of crossing paths with you again, anytime.


Captain Bill Snyder
Commanding Officer
NAS JRB New Orleans


I wanted to take a moment to tell you how I greatly appreciated your professionalism, courteous demeanour, enthusiasm, and emotionally charged presentation that kept our people thinking, laughing, and shedding an occasional tear. The unique way that you were able to show a parallel between the military and the current business world, in reference to leadership and teamwork, was remarkable. I am especially grateful for your ability to customize your talk to the audience.

Since your speech was performed at my previous company, I now look most forward to bringing you to Jet Asia as soon as possible. You have an incredible sense of delivery that culminates with each attendee understanding leadership from the heart, and the passion to continue regardless of the obstacles to overcome. Your contributions to our leadership team will be invaluable.

John G. Ross
Vice President Flight Operations
Jet Asia Airlines


 I was sitting around on this beautiful fall Saturday, with Thanksgiving less than a week away thinking about all that I am thankful for--you were on top-of-the-list after Friday's Warrior lunch.  To see the room packed with people, riveted by your words and yet the casual humility you so freely exhibit has become commonplace.

Mike, I have heard you tell the story before but, the way you tied it to a warrior spirit for all of us was fantastic!  You could see the light bulbs turn on around the room, as these people (many who were just kids or not even born yet) connected the dots to freedom, choices, attitude, and hope. Vietnam Prisoner of War and maybe a man walking on the moon stands in the same company.....not much else in my mind.

I know you serve a calling much higher than duty, honour or anything worldly, and your humility and actions reflect well on Him you serve.  Thank you for always walking the talk first--and in this case (a rarity for sure) being willing to tell of your amazing feats.  I know everyone in that room realized what REAL American heroes Southwest has in you. I hope over the coming months, years everyone gets the opportunity to share in your warrior stories.

Best Regards,

Edward Givens III
System Chief Pilot
Southwest Airlines

Lance Armstrong

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