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Rick Searfoss
Colonel Rick Searfoss CSP - Programs

Rick's vast client list includes: organizations, from small enterprises to major corporations, including over one-half of the Fortune 500. He is known for his ability to combine his business, technical and international experience with your organization's unique mission, to deliver a presentation specifically customized to your situation.

Rick Searfoss has different presentations designed for groups as diverse high tech and low tech, sales, service, finance, insurance, engineering, safety, technology and manufacturing.

All programs use spectacular video and still imagery to illustrate key points and provide gripping, powerful visual impact to match the inspiring, content-filled messages.

The Right Stuff Leadership!

Solutions from a Top Gun Command Astronaut
Purpose - Program - People - Perspective.

True leaders balance all these elements to get the job done, build their organization, and uplift their followers. Colonel Rick Searfoss, Top Gun fighter pilot, test pilot, and astronaut, personally knows that commanding a Space Shuttle Mission requires the utmost in competent, trustworthy, and service-oriented leadership. Too much is at stake for anything less than the real "right stuff!" Crucial real-world lessons delivered with high energy for all leaders! CLICK HERE for the full program description.

Trust-Based Teamwork
Secrets of trust-based, effective teams.

Astronaut crewmates must act in unity as a finely honed team, literally trusting their lives to one another while fulfilling their nation's trust to care for billions of dollars of national assets and achieve real results for mission success. They also need to lead and motivate the members of a vast variety of other specialized teams for the mission to succeed.

It's the perfect model for any ambitious team venture!

Top Gun Pilot, Space Shuttle Commander and "team captain" Rick Searfoss shares these universal teamwork principles to accelerate your team's success into the future. CLICK HERE for the full program description.

Execution Excellence
When It Really Matters

Human space flight demands the relentless pursuit of execution perfection. Learn how to apply the real-life execution principles learned from the Top Gun Experience to leading Space Shuttle missions to your own dynamic business challenges. Colonel Searfoss' Prepare - Apply - Adapt - Debrief Astronaut Execution Cycle provides crucial keys, secrets and wisdom for those in today's difficult business environment who must get the job done, and done right! CLICK HERE for the full program description.

Innovation and Creativity
That Really Works

Develop flexible adaptability to embrace the opportunities change offers. Research, innovation, and the exploration of the unknown in space give startling examples of adaptability.

Amplified with Rick's unique current test pilot work helping develop leading-edge new technologies with the most creative private space companies of the new millennium, this program will prepare your team to innovate your way to a profitable and exciting future!
CLICK HERE for the full program description.

Countdown to Success!
The Peak Plan Performance for
Sales and Marketing Executives

Competition to become an astronaut is fierce and only the very peak performers - literally one in thousands - succeed. Much like in Sales! From a successful astronaut career to his entrepreneurial space company business development leadership successes in recent years, pinnacle performer Rick Searfoss has wired the Countdown to Success. This program will arm you with the tools and attitudes to launch your own trajectory to peak personal effectiveness in sales or in life, for out-of-this-world results! CLICK HERE for the full program description.

Customer Service
The Mission that Matters!

Imagine leading a 500 million dollar project that was over 8 years in development and which peaked in a short 16 day window. Now consider delivering a unique service in one of the most hostile and unforgiving environments possible, on behalf of thousands of clients and customers who gambled their professional hopes, dreams, and future on your performance.

With a "service before self" focus, Space Shuttle commander Rick Searfoss shares a powerful, results-oriented approach to energizing customer service regardless of the challenges!
CLICK HERE for the full program description.

Overcoming Adversity
in Today's World

Robust resiliency - the To Gun fighter pilot-test pilot-astronaut key attitude to conquering the adversities that invariably come our way.

Forging out boldly into dangerous unknown territory takes a special mindset and skills. Astronauts train continually to build this robust "right stuff" resiliency to handle emergencies and setbacks. This go-for-it mentality mixed with unwavering dedication to applying correct principles is empowering and energizing! Learn from Rick how you too can overcome the environment and the competition regardless of the obstacles.
CLICK HERE for the full program description.

The Ultimate Safety Presentation
SAFETY The Only Option

* Flying safety officer for the U. S. Astronaut Corps,

* Major aerospace company Executive Safety Director,

* Chief of Flight Test for the world's only liquid-propellant rocket plane development company, and

* Space Shuttle Commander responsible for a $2 billion national asset and seven lives.

With this safety leadership experience and a totally accident-free 25 year military and NASA high performance jet flying career, Colonel Rick Searfoss shares lessons and attitudes for building an effective "failure is not an option" safety culture.
CLICK HERE for the full program description.

The Land of Promise

America the Beautiful from Space

An inspiring and patriotic adventure narrated by Astronaut and Space Shuttle Commander
Colonel Rick Searfoss, USAF (Ret.)

Fascinating stories, breathtaking images - beauty, wonder, and an inspirational message of hope. America truly is a blessed and promised land. One orbital view forcefully confirms the special beauty and place our country holds on Earth.

Through the glorious medium of astronaut earth observations photographs, many of which he took himself, Rick will carry you on a breathtaking journey around this land, from North to South and coast to coast.

A fascinating combination of inspiring historical, geographical, geological, and cultural stories with stunning images testifying of sublime beauty, wonder, and hope. This delightfully unique presentation will fill you with pride to be an American.
CLICK HERE for the full program description.

A Rare Look into the
Future of Technology and Change with Rick Searfoss as he shares:

Dreams to Hopes to Realities

Optimistic view of the amazing possibilities.

In a short 100 years humankind has gone from earthbound to living in space. What challenges and opportunities await us in the next 100 years? As Dr. Robert Goddard, inventor of the liquid fueled rocket engine, proclaimed, "Who is to say what is impossible? For the dreams of yesterday are the hopes of today and the realities of tomorrow."

With the rare combined perspective of having flown in space, a world-class technical education, and ongoing direct involvement with many private entrepreneurial space ventures, Rick offers an enthusiastic and visionary view of the life-changing technical and cultural possibilities before us. CLICK HERE for the full program description.


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Rick Searfoss

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