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Phil's "Premier Motivational Address"! Expect people to be amazed as Phil takes them on a trip through the realities of how to deal effectively with change in the marketplace. Even the "constant cynics" will leave this program excited; knowing that reality never creates our problems, rather, it is our refusal to accept reality that creates the problems! Phil discusses how to accept changing realities of the new marketplace and how to profit by adapting to them. (Not just "rah-rah" stuff but real "meat and meaning!")

The "impossible" has become "normal." Trends once measured in years are now taking place in months, weeks . even days. EXCELERATING (anticipating change and then performing faster at higher levels of effectiveness) is a necessity for improving the bottom line! To the visionaries making change work for them .. TIME & SPEED will be to the new millenium what money was to the '80s and '90s; "working harder" is no longer a concern because WORKING DIFFERENTLY is the only way to get results; doing it "right" has become unacceptable because doing it EXACTLY RIGHT is the only thing people will pay for; people are being encouraged to UNLEASH THEIR CREATIVITY. This presentation focuses on future projections of HOW business and life will change; WHY it will change and WHAT we must do to prepare for business and life in a world that will bear little resemblance to what we have known.

Participants see what customers demand now and will demand in the future; why and how companies fail in their efforts to improve service; how to adapt service ideas used by world leaders and implement them with customized improvements; how to make service a "Profit Center"; the Four Magic Questions to ask customers; hiring people with a service mentality; and the Customer Retreat. (Phil's #1 requested presentation on four continents. Always structured to the level of the audience. i.e. front line employees, supervisors, middle managers, CEOs, etc.)
Click here for "Incredible Customer Service for the Healthcare Industry"

Introduced will be methods on how to keep existing customers from defecting to the competition. In addition, participants will see and be exposed to new skills to seek out new prospects, how to identify key players, how to discover what the competition is doing and will be doing and how to get to people who can say, "Yes." (Sales people love this presentation because it deals with "real world" issues and gives specific tools they can implement ... immediately.)

Attendees will see what "the best in the world" are doing to get people working for common goals and stretch targets rather than getting bogged down by the "not-invented-here" and "we've-always-done-it-this-way" syndromes. Specific examples of the best are discussed and how they can be adapted and implemented. (This program was originally developed for YPO, the Young Presidents' Organization. It receives rave reviews from CEOs and other senior managers.)

V.Q.S.S. = Value-Added Quality, Service and Solutions. Success in the future will be driven by how well a business can develop and implement specific solutions internally AND for its customers. Audience members will see that V.Q.S.S. is a mindset, driven by customers' needs and expectations and by actions of competitors. V.Q.S.S. is a process dependent upon a system of interdependence among each and everyone in the organization. V.Q.S.S. is doing it better, faster, more accurately and adding more value at every step. (Your competitors will hate Phil after you have him make this presentation! In this program Phil shows how to expose the competition's weaknesses and take their customers from them.)

Future growth for companies, even entire industries, may well rest on their ability to establish and nurture PARTNERSHIPS between their customers, suppliers and even "friendly" competitors. "Business as Usual" is a phrase that has gone the way of the dinosaurs. The "winners" of the future will be those who recognize the necessity of offering products and services that "break the mold." (A presentation that explores how partnerships around the world are being forged to create and keep a competitive advantage. They will leave understanding that PARTNERSHIPS FOR PROFIT$ is not a fashionable trend, but a necessity for increased growth, efficiency and profits.)

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