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Gary Yamamoto - Testimonials/Client List

"I would like to pass along the gist of a conversation I had later that day with Omar Nieto, a gentleman who consistently ranks in the top five among our producers. He said what sets you apart from other speakers he has heard is that you present 'real world' ideas and insights, with 'real world' examples to bring them to life. I most certainly agree."
Don Gillette, Vice President & Director, Sales & Marketing, ITT Hartford.
"I do not usually write to a speaker who has presented at one of our monthly meeting unless that speaker has given something that is well above the ordinary! The written feedback was extremely complimentary - but the oral feedback has continued unabated for the past two months which now prompts me to write this letter."
Gordon Kordas, President, Hughes Tucson Management Club.
"You did everything we wanted and more. Your stories and humor were wonderful and got your point across. Your Samurai sword got everyone's attention. You got people excited and taught them to really 'Focus on the Future!'"
Jack L. Trook, Senior Vice President, Home Life Financial Assurance Corp.
"What can I say - you were outstanding! You are invaluable and your ideas and useful techniques benefited our clients."

Rachel Seward, Client Relations, Lockheed IMS
"The response for all levels of personnel were tremendous. Your presentation gave us not only explanations and new ideas for handling change and what seems impossible situation, but the enthusiasm to get started NOW!"

Donna Morgan, Client Support, Dairyland Computers and Consulting Company.
"Your presentation was just what the doctor ordered. And it was exactly what our members and their spouses needed to hear."
Charles Myers, President, Leather Industries of America.
"You were the talk of the day following your presentation during our national convention! The Audience left the session on a real 'high' and could have listened to you for the rest of the morning."

Eleanore Bors, Associate Executive Director, American Medical Technologists.
"As usual, you stole the show. You were the 'Talk of the Town' the whole week."
Kenneth Soscia, Vice President, Rhode Island Healthcare Engineers Society.
"What a great presentation! They were intrigued by your personal experiences and enjoyed the stories that you weaved into your presentation. NTA members left with a lot of powerful ideas on how to quickly improve their lives and their performance!"
Lisa Carey, Director of Education, National Tour Association.
"Gary, you created a level of excitement among my fellow professionals that I have never experienced in twenty years as a parks and recreation practitioner. Your innovative delivery and insightfulness into the future enabled us to see clearly the significant issues facing us in the years to come."
John Coates. Conference Co-Chairman, Virginia Recreation and Park Society.
"Your presentation to our association in Toronto was wonderful! I was especially pleased how you customized your message to our members and our industry! Many attendees commented how much they enjoyed your presentation and how they were moved or changed by it. They loved how personal you were in spite of the fact there were over a thousand people in the audience. A few of our members also loved how you interacted with them after you completed your speech."
Gary Eberhart, Vice President of Member Services, National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies.
"The purpose of this letter is to once again thank you and applaud you for the outstanding seminar that you provided NEDDA. Our Board of Directors met on Tuesday after the conference and the comments were all superlatives."
Jim Niedzolkowski, Chairman, Education Committee, New England, Dairy, Deli Association.
"The Meeting was a great success. I truly believe Gary was instrumental in this success and that one of our smartest moves was to select him as kickoff speaker. He hit right on the points we discussed. His enthusiasm got everyone 'up.' His approach got all our people in a positive state of mind. In short, he did everything I wanted him to do and accomplished more than I had hoped!"
Brian Golberg, Director, New Store Construction, Target/Mervyns
"I especially liked the skillful way you combined humor, personal examples, and stories with your message; the balance was excellent! It was an excellent finish to our meeting."
Lois Eck, Executive Director, International Thermographers Association
"To be honest, until the conference I have never heard any "motivational-type" speaker who I thought had any credibility. I understood what they said but found them to be far from genuine in their delivery. You are the clear only exception to my past experiences! Thank you for re-energizing my spirit with the energy and inspiration that only personal vision can provide. It is something I won't forget."
Bruce M. McMillian, Director, Operations, Greater Vancouver Convention and Visitors Bureau.
"I enthusiastically recommend you to any other organization needing a speaker and seminar leader who can deliver high-content, useful information with humor and who will leave a group excited and motivated about themselves and their professions."
Kevern R. Joyce, President and CEO, Texas-New Mexico Power Company

PAST CLIENT (Partial listing):

National Custom Brokers
National Tour Association
American Bus Association
Leather Industries of America
American Payroll Association
Instrument Society of America
National Insulation Association
American Medical Technologists
Meeting Professionals International
Distribution Contractors Association
Automatic Identification Manufacturers
American Society for Industrial Security
Sun States Professional Insurance Agents
National Electrical Contactors Association
Manufacturers Representatives of America
National Association of Sales Professionals
New England Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association
International Development Research Council
National Association of Professional Organizers
International Personnel Management Association
Plumbing and Mechanical Contractors Association
Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association
National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies
National Employee Services & Recreational Association
Western Association of Convention and Visitors Bureaus


B.C. Zeigler
The Hartford
Target Stores
Capstar Hotel
Hewlett Packard
Farmers Insurance
Baxter International
ASM Lithographers
State Farm Insurance
Dairyland Computers
Fidelity National Title
Sunmakers Travel Group
Hughes Aircraft Company
Lockheed Aircraft Company
Security Link from Ameritech
Laurentian Financial Advisors
Hughes Missile System Company
Maritime Telephone and Telegraph
Texas New-Mexico Power Company
National Rural Telecommunication Cooperative 


USDA Forest Service
General Services Administration
Society of Government Meeting Planners

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